About Whatigo

From the mind of Chris Fletcher, Whatigo is a discussion on environmental issues, science, social, music, art, politics, and economics with strongly worded opinions from both the host and his guests. Warning for strong language and deep insight that may change your social, political, religious, and spiritual views. This is a podcast for those seeking a rational voice of common sense to the ever increasing stupidity of the world. For those that beg to ask “WHAT IS GOING ON?
—Welcome to Whatigo.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 14 – Whatigo rants and rages with Alex the Canadian about everything the “Algorithms” may or may not be doing …

Chris talks with talks with Alex about the algorithms, Facebook, Amazon, & Google…

Here is a crash course to get in the talk.

Episode 13 – Whatigo rants and rages with Sir Baden Coleman (The man behind the curtain.)

Chris talks with “sir” Baden Coleman about life and everything in between, it’s a long show but one of the best….

The Untold Story of Guns

On The Media Podcast on the true history of gun control laws in America. Highly recommended.

Here is the video we take about in the podcast.

“Transparent Aluminum”… sort of.