2 Replies to “Episode 07 – Trump and Kim – Different Game, Same Game”

  1. I had a morning listen to the Trump vs Kim, yes we need a new Team America Movie immediately! Less bombs in the world and less F-Bombs in your podcast would be nice, bombs don’t make arguments any more valid. Lot’s of valid points and analogies, it’s unfortunate our world is and probably always will be at war. Just remember the winner always had to clean up Monopoly, perhaps we should implement that rule in the real world and maybe people will think twice about winning. Song is catchy btw

    1. Remember F-bombs and swearing in general is what is aloud on the adult themed podcast… true it doesn’t make my points any more valid…but maybe shows the amount of frustration that oh so many people (myself feel) with leader and social situations that we find ourselves in…so I say drop “(F)bombs away…”…lol!!
      Thanks for the feed back!!

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